Original fine art paintings by Caryl Jean Westergren

Wildlife Painting of Chimpanzees

Caryl Westergren; The Chimpanzee Family ; 2009; Acrylic on canvas, resin, acrylic varnish; size 4' x 3' ft.

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Chimpanzee Family Painting

When looking at this colorful artwork, one finds themselves admiring all this talented artist shares on her canvas. With this particular colorful collection, many emotions flood to the surface. Once one views the entire painting collection, they are sure to be in a state of happiness, gratitude, and grace; quite possibly, in a state of wonderful dreamy, episodes.

The subjects, which happen to be a delightful chimpanzee family, are remarkably well captured by Caryl Westergren. The humanistic qualities of love and affection shine through these chimps face onto the glowing light dancing playfully over the canvas. Among, the family painting the leaves cradle them in a soft but giant tree. The tree stretches up and up as if the family were floating up to the sky unaware that they’ re floating at all, they seem to be just in awe of each other. A perfect portrait of a family- this brilliant painting of a family just sitting around, being chimpanzees.

Quite possibly the heightened awareness within this artist explains the beauty each piece contains within itself. The animals all are very true to life form; perhaps there is a hint of the abstract in this message, but these colorful works of art should not be categorized as abstract at all, they give a feeling of being very real. Much training and education must have been acquired to paint these animals with such style, and to capture the looks on their faces is a mark of a truly professional artist. Her paintings give us a glimpse into the world of art education. The beautiful colors, strokes, and applied pressures are all parts of a recipe of a fantastic experience.

All the creativity flowing out onto the painting is contained in the figures purposefully meant to take shape and form. I am curious; did she draw or outline the figures first, or are the subjects painted onto the canvas as whimsically as the natural expressions on their lovely faces.  The color choices go together well, so well I hate to put into words, because I fear I do not have the vocabulary for this most remarkable characteristic of Caryl Westergren’s artwork. The beautiful colors are truly alive. The purples and blacks and deep blue in the colorful chimpanzee painting compliment the animals delightfully well. The artist expressiveness appears here to be done with ease and in a glorious light. The approach taken to complete this painting is a mystery to me, but eventually an understanding sweeps in front of my perspective which now sees simple beautiful colorful art, just art. Nevertheless, art indeed.  Written by Danelle Boer; 2013

 Painting of a Chimpanzee family. Chimpanzees and a baby chimpanzee painting in a touching family of affection - The Chimpanzee Family  by Master Artist Caryl Jean Westergren. Caryl Jean explores painting The Chimpanzee Family  through a unique personal style, originality of design, and big color.
This wildlife painting is of a baby chimpanzee with its mother and father. I wanted to emphasize this strong family bond that exists with chimpanzees, because chimpanzees are very sociable primates using their facial expressions, vocalizations, body language, grooming and even kisses and pats to communicate. The 'pout face' expression is typically a sign of anxiety or frustration. This expression is also associated with begging and temper tantrums in juveniles. It has also been found that Chimpanzees use plants medicinally to treat themselves for illness and injury.