Caryl Westergren;  Sebastian River Birds; 1999; Painting; Acrylic on canvas

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Tropical bird painting. Painting of Pelicans on the river in Sebastian Florida.

Avery mysterious fact about pelicans is that they know when the rains are going to swell a completely dry desolate area of Australia. They fly thousands of miles ahead of the rains to a remote place in the heart of Australia. Once the rains hit, the pelicans can frolic, eat an abundant supply of fish. They also breed, and look after their egg, then their young is hatched, and they see to the upbringing of their young for quite a long time. It really is a remarkable adventure for the pelican, because usually when they begin their trek all the way to the Australian desert they are near the door of starving.

The rains do not make some years it to beautiful Australia, and it is on these years, as if by magic, neither do the pelicans. Do the pelicans know instinctively, or how do the pelicans know this? Why do they dare not make the journey on a dry year to their breeding grounds; these are also the grounds where they were hatched. Scientists have been studying these questions for a long time. At this special paradise for the birds, humans have infiltrated an unknown territory, their homes. The homes are natures design for the unique birds. Ornithologists (those with education in the field of zoology that concerns the study of birds) try to figure out every small thing in nature, even when it means that by just trying to understand it; the conservation efforts in other ways are damaged. Naturalists have kept history of the unique birds and original nature though drawing.

Conservationists have often made drawings of nature to document through drawings of each unique bird. If fact we need these beautiful creatures to be here in nature, to help them maintain the portrait of our ecosystem. Why can we not just leave the beauty of nature as- well enough alone? How to we help our natural delicate ecosystem? Do many even care or respect it enough for conservation? Conservation of the ecosystem often means- do not touch, to me. Some things were just not meant to be held and cuddled by humans, but admired for the original creations they are.

As you can see in these beautiful tropical paintings by Westergren; there are many colorful tropical birds such as the colorful parrot, heron, and pelican. Beautiful tropical birds should be admired in paintings, because then we will have much more of an opportunity to allow their numbers to rise and enjoy them for a very long time. Tropical bird paintings are a way to admire them, without taking them from their home. As things stand now, birds are not surviving many environmental issues. However, certain protection acts are helping to increase their numbers and people are learning how to humanely help these beautiful colorful birds. In some cases the damage has already been done. The Birds of Paradise had the loveliest feathers. Long, white, soft, feathers. In the 1850’s it was trendy to have these feathers on the hats of the ladies. This dramatically depleted their numbers.

 Written by Danelle Boer; 2013


NOTE FROM CARYL:   There is a Birds-of-Paradise ProjectExplore more: birdsofparadiseproject.

“The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth. After 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman”