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Original fine art paintings by Caryl Jean Westergren The Tropics Painting


Caryl Westergren; The Tropics 2012; Acrylic on canvas, resin, acrylic varnish; size  24"x36"    Copyright © All rights reserved.

Swift is this surrendered day

As these fertile colors so bless the running rifts

And the gulls sway, the whipping sail's reach,

I would close my eyes and breathe...

Yes --- upon the quiet ends of this world

My mind's dictation flows with the caressing tides,

It's a fine close from a day's exploration

Of the Ocean's mythical representation

Somehow I could see through the eyes of Monet and Degas upon this emotional piece, perhaps the front dock of a Fijian resort? A vibrant and passionate gaze as the evening lights are lit around the bungalows. In the background, the soothing sleep of what must have been a relaxing day, with the tips of sails cutting slightly upon the sunsetís glimmering purple hues, until night would perform its duty and make a peaceful western cradle for it to fall asleep into.  Westergren once again uses the seemingly flowing brush stroke to present us a moving story, its pages of course, bringing forth a very different tale each time your eyes go to read it.  Her interpretation in attempting to bring the mind into this living photograph will indeed be a treasure trove of what ifís to ponder.

- Story and poetry written by M. Baines; 2013.