Caryl Westergren's art and personal style are for those with an eye for the extraordinary. Professional artist Caryl Westergren is a painter and sculptor, who also works with art conservation and restoration. 

In college Westergren's degree focus was sculpture, she received a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from the University of Minnesota. She also has a degree in Computer  Design Technology.

In the past, she served professionally as adjunct professor at Indian River State College. Westergren has always enjoyed teaching the arts and teaches as a guest artist at the museum or the college. She has served as counsel as committee member for the county Arts in Public Places and the Arts Council. There are always projects in the works.

Westergren brings a new and original blending of statement in her art with expressionist and impressionist art, harvesting inspiration, from nature and lost worlds.  Today, the award-winning artist's unique sculpture and paintings are available for commissions and gallery shows.

Lilac the puppy and Caryl on a Sunday. 2009

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More elegant photos of Caryl Jean Westergren.


Caryl Westergren The Award Winning Painter and Sculptor.  

Caryl Jean Westergren

"Caryl Jean Westergren's paintings are visually exquisite and unique to her interpretation of the subjects.  They exude both hopeful vulnerability as well as apprehension. The natural settings visually invite viewers to enter places brought to life by an artist true to her individual story and style.  The diversity of scenes and whimsical peppering offers appeal to a broad audience. Contrast and color blend beautifully directing the eye to particular places throughout the settings.  Each rendering offers an artistic narrative allowing the viewer to complete the story to his/her choosing."

 - Written by Shelley Sweeney
Atlanta, Georgia

More elegant photos of Caryl Jean Westergren.

More elegant photos of Caryl Jean Westergren.