Magnified 10x the actual painting of the Gypsy woman from the colorful painting of a Gypsy Travelers titled - Gypsy Camp.



Caryl Westergren; close-up of Gypsy Camp:  Painting; Acrylic on canvas; 2007.

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Artist Caryl Westergren Original Painting

A close-up of the Gypsy woman from the colorful painting of a Gypsy Travelers titled - Gypsy Camp. Gypsy Camp is an original painting of an imagined Romany (Gypsy) scene. Note from Caryl -  I am using the word Gypsy in the place of Rom, Roma, and Romany, because of my artistic association and in the positive spirit of the nature of the word. A campfire scene with a Gypsy boy, Gypsy girl, and a Gypsy Horse by Caryl Westergren.

Styles of Art

Atmospheric Art     

My style incorporates other styles by the nature of my natural process of making art.  Some have claimed that my art has leanings of Colorist, Naturalistic, and Atmospheric Art  styles.

Atmospheric art is an aerial perspective that refers to the effect of the atmosphere on the look and design of an object when seen from a distance. If the distance is increased between the principal focal object and the viewer, the contrast between the focal object and its ensuing background design decreases and the contrast of any nearby additional non-focal objects also decreases. Saturation decreases in the colors of the focal objects and the general tone of the prime color shifts toward the background color.

Atmospheric art was first seen in original colorful paintings from the Netherlands, then Holland in the early fifteenth Century, and various arguments of its effects were with the differently varying degrees of detail and accuracy. Leonardo da Vinci used aerial perspective or atmospheric elements in many of his beautiful paintings such as the famous Mona Lisa and the evergreen and beautiful The Last Supper.

In art or art education, especially painting, atmospheric art refers to the technique of designing or creating an illusion of relative depth by showing distant objects as less pale, less clear and usually darker than the color of its nearby objects.

There is no denying that atmospheric art also continues to inspire contemporary artists today, especially landscape designing. Written by Katherine: 2013

"The Romany are invariably camped close by. Make sure to take some time to wander down to the camp and let your hair down. Join in some old fashioned story telling and sing and dance." -  unknown