Magnified 7x the actual painting the Gypsy girl from the original painting Gypsy Camp by Caryl Westergren.


Artist Caryl Jean Westergren Original Paintings.

Caryl Westergren; close-up of Gypsy Camp:  Painting; Acrylic on canvas; 2007. Copyright ; All rights reserved.

Gypsy Girl. Gypsy Girl close-up from the painting Gypsy Camp. Gypsy Camp is an original painting of an imagined Romany (Gypsy) scene. Note from Caryl -  In place of Rom, Roma, and Romany, I am using the word Gypsy in the positive spirit of the nature of the word. because of my artistic association and in the


Styles of Art

Naturalistic Art

My style incorporates other styles by the nature of my natural process of making art.  Some have claimed that my art has leanings of Colorist, Naturalistic, and Atmospheric Art  styles.

Naturalistic Art is the depiction of original realistic objects put in a natural setting. It all started back in the 19th century when artists advocated that idealized depictions of subjects over the centuries were rather artificial to the human eye when viewed on canvas. American artist William Bliss Baker is a famous Naturalistic artist, whose beautiful landscape colorist paintings are considered some of the best design examples of the naturalist or colorist movement. French artist Albert Charpin is another famous example.

It is relevant because colorful Naturalism art portrays things as they are. It basically is a type of colorful art that pays close attention to very accurate and precise design and details to the scope of work.

For quite some time, "Naturalism" and "Realism" has been earmarked by colorist art scholars or art education specialists as labels for styles reminiscent of a certain period. For example, middle of the nineteenth century and late nineteenth century in America and Europe. Original colorist paintings show accurate representation of the visible sphere. Essentially, naturalism is a timeless art education form. Hence, colorist art continues to inspire artists even today.  Written by Katherine: 2013

"The Romany are invariably camped close by. Make sure to take some time to wander down to the camp and let your hair down. Join in some old fashioned story telling and sing and dance." -  unknown