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New  Wildlife Painting ORANGUTAN PAINTING of Mother Orangutan and Baby Orangutan.


Caryl Westergren; Living Life; 2012; Acrylic on canvas, resin, acrylic varnish; size  24"x36".

 ORANGUTAN PAINTING of Mother Orangutan and Baby Orangutan Copyright © All rights reserved.

The jungle around you

                      You must be very quiet….    The jungle around you creates a chatter of hidden birds and the gentle cry of monkeys amongst the deep green folds.   You are Jane Goodall. You’ve finally found the pair of Orangutans that caught your eye from earlier in the morning.  She was a good mother, tentative and cautious, always nurturing and yet stern at the same time.  The forest would not be kind if there wasn’t a genuine fear and honorable respect for its vast floor of entangled grasses, sleeping hollowed trunks, and dense foliage.   This day wouldn’t all be about the serious business of the wild,  for they had finally came to stopping point and under the light canopy of the trees, the mother rests herself upon a fallen tree and there rests her young.   Can you feel the dense heat and the humid over hang you feel?  The camera’s strap dangling upon a damp forearm while you manipulate your lens, attempting to capture that perfect moment?   Here in Living Life, Westergren places us at that last moment, the quaint charm of motherhood amongst Orangutans.  Their eye lids are both dropping in succinct timing, while the forest light behaves like dancers, swaying the shadows of the leaves as the wind plays white noise to lull both mother and child to sleep.  The gentleness of Westergren’s eye is seen with the leaping colors and innocence within their faces, you can almost reach and out and touch them, but your discipline denies us such a thing.  You decide to kneel and get comfortable for a while; wiping your brow and quietly letting the shutter and focus do the talking.  

In our peace

Let thoughts of tomorrow and thereafter

Drift along the song bird's choir,

And the wind, she is the harpist,

Slender finger tips, flowing upon strings

As the eyes grow heavier      


- Story and poetry written by M. Baines; 2013